De huiskamer Verteltheater

Translates roughly to ‘The living room Storytelling Theatre”. Quite a name for quite a website. I wanted to make this one stand out on colours and graphics. The result is a colourful world with lots of parallax animation. The website itself is a story about a storyteller losing its books.

business card design


Divinity Webcomic

Divinity is a webcomic by Kevin Rojas Veliz and Nicolas R Giacondino
The mission was to make the designs look modern, but still have 1940′s 1950′s elements that’s also typical for this comic which manifests itself in the same era.

Besides having to use a lot of really cool fonts an design-elements I also implemented a lot of handy stuff for new webcomic creators. Kevin agreed to make the code open-source to make it easier for new comic-artists to publish their material on the internet. I will be working on it in a couple of months. It will be available somewhere in 2013.



Konstruct is a rockband in north-Antwerp,  I combined the WordPress CMS and used the responsive template to make it available and readable on all devices.

The mission was too make a design that’s fresh and still in the same style as the logo, and of course is all about rock.


Social Innovation

I had the honour this weekend to work on a great new project with other professionals. This year was the first Social Innovation Lab 2012, it consisted of brainstorm sessions all over the country on how the digital world can assist in halting or diminishing poverty. 
You can see the slideshow here

From these brainstorms, 6 projects were chosen by a professional jury.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to work out a nice prototype for one of the chosen projects : Waste Watchers.

Waste Watchers is a project that wants to take care of the excess food that gets thrown away from stores, restaurants and maybe even individuals and take them to the people that need it most.

More info on :
Social Innovation Lab 2012



Anarto is a gallery in the heart of Antwerp.
They asked me to make a website that was both beautiful and original,
representing the business but also their core business :  Artwork and Art exhibitions.

They gave me full artistic freedom so I decided to make a sketchy 3D representation of their gallery.